Chicago Bears: Controversial, intriguing free agent wide receivers

Chicago Bears (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
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Dez Bryant

You want to talk about a guy that, as a genuine football fan, I am not particularly fond of? That’s my opinion on Dez Bryant in a nutshell — and I’m putting it very, very nicely.

Over the last year, Bryant has been released by the Dallas Cowboys only to turn down deals from other teams, simply because he thought he was either worth more, or deserved to play on a better team.

He has spent most of his free time on Twitter, bantering and arguing with others who have issues with him. That just screams selfish — who wants a guy like that on their team?

Well, if I’m being completely honest, Mitchell Trubisky would benefit from another large target like Bryant. The offense features a lot of speed, but not much size when it comes to pass catchers.

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The big question now, is whether or not Bryant will be ready to go for a training camp following his torn achilles last year after signing with the New Orleans Saints. In case you don’t remember (because it was truly that short of a stint with New Orleans), Bryant signed with the Saints only to suffer an injury in his first practice with the team.

Do most people like the guy? Not really. But, if he comes back healthy and has some juice left in the tank, he would certainly be an intriguing option for the offense, assuming he was okay being a fourth option — that’s doubtful.