Chicago Bulls: Three reasons this team will continue to fail

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Chicago Bulls (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bulls, Otto Porter Jr.
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Reason No. 3: There’s no concrete plan for the future

It would be unrealistic to expect this Bulls front office to come up with a locked-in plan for the next several years that would determine the direction of the franchise. Things are fluid in the NBA, and plans can change.

But the Bulls rolled out a rebuilding plan last season that was supposed to justify their tanking and lay out how the team would improve over the next several years. A lot of that plan hasn’t happened.

During the Bulls media day in 2018, Paxson highlighted how important it was for the team to try and re-sign Portis before the October deadline of that year. Not only did that not happen, it now appears that Portis had no plan to re-sign with the team as he was just traded.

This team remains directionless as they can’t figure out whether they want to tank this season or try and be competitive by acquiring talent. With the trade for Porter, it is clear that this team doesn’t want to go the tanking route.

I’m sure it’s frustrating for the Bulls front office, but they must realize that tanking is the only realistic option this year. Year after year, it seems as if this front office changes their minds on a whim with no reasonable explanation.

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I hate that the Bulls are a laughingstock in this league. They should be perennial playoff contenders. Instead, we as Bulls fans are left wondering when GarPax will finally stop damaging the franchise.