Chicago Bulls: Grading every move this season

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bulls, Robin Lopez
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It wasn’t a complete trade deadline for the Bulls; certainly not without a ton of facepalming!

They didn’t quite get everything they wanted to get done. While they really tried busting their hump to move Robin Lopez, every contending team called their bluff knowing he would be available shortly. When the clock struck two o’clock central time, the buyout market period begun…

Whole lotta veterans are about to join contenders:

Lopez should be one of those guys. After all, it seemed as if he was preparing to join another team. When the word came out that maybe the Bulls were going to fail in moving him, you figured that it was just a matter of time before a buyout. Sometimes these things take time and discussion regarding the terms (example: Dwyane Wade *shivers*) but ultimately there is usually an agreement:

Or, maybe not:

Of course, the front office couldn’t just do this good soldier justice. RoLo deserves as such considering how much crap he’s dealt with the last two and a half seasons. Being a fan of the team (not the management) and a fan of his, I’m mad about how the situation is being handled. It’s almost as if he’s still of some use to them, but at this point, he’s not. You don’t need any analytics or tape to tell you that. What a joke.

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Grade: F

Lopez has earned the opportunity to join a contender, to play in the NBA Finals, and maybe even win a ring (with Golden State). His professionalism during his tenure in Chicago has been one thing that has always stuck out to me. That quality in its own should grant him his freedom.

Maybe Chicago eventually buys him out in a week or so, but this feels like a stain on what was a somewhat successful #TradeSZN for the Bulls.