Chicago Bears: Top 5 free agent targets

Chicago Bears ( Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images )
Chicago Bears ( Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images ) /
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Chicago Bears, Kareem Hunt
Chicago Bears (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /

1.  Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt comes in at No. 1 on our list simply because he is the most talented player the Bears have been linked to. He is most certainly the most controversial one as well. The issues with Hunt are well documented, as he was dismissed from the Kansas City Chiefs this year for assaulting a woman outside of his hotel apartment.

The video was incredibly disturbing, and it was later revealed it was not the first such incident Hunt had been involved with. Four months later, he was alleged to have punched a man in the face at a resort.

Despite the off-field incidents and concerns, the Bears were not willing to close the door on the possibility of signing the running back from Ohio, who knew Mitch Trubisky growing up.

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However talented he is, there are concerns that extend beyond the history of assaults. There is also the question of whether he’ll play in 2019, as the NFL is still likely to suspend Hunt, though the length of any suspension is unknown at this time.

So the Bears have to ask themselves whether the costs of singing Hunt, which are many and take a variety of forms, is worth it considering he may not see the field next season.