Chicago Bulls: Bold trade deadline predictions

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Chicago Bulls, Bobby Portis
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Consider this to be my ‘boldest prediction’.

Bobby Portis was in contract extension talks last offseason. That was something I wasn’t super psyched about because I wasn’t interested in tying up a chunk of money to a situational starter/inconsistent sixth man. Especially one who has the catch and shoot mentality of Monta Ellis.

Portis has always been such a strange player to me. There are times where you really like what he brings to the table (the 19 points scored in the fourth quarter against the Heat earlier this week is a good example). But then, there are times where I facepalm relentlessly (nine points on four of 11 shooting in a loss to Cleveland).

He’s a great provider of energy and hustle, both of which make up for his lack of defense. His offense can be hit or miss, but he’s a still a viable player. But how much is worth to the Bulls? I think they at the very least should consider testing his value on the market. To me, the worst thing(s) they could do is overpay him this summer or let him walk for nothing in restricted free agency.

Should they deal him away, here’s a possible trade scenario:

The Sixers finally move on from what was a horrendous judgment call. Markelle Fultz is currently a draft bust, and the sooner that Philly accepts this blunder, the better. All of the videos that find their way to Twitter showcasing his unspeakably broken shooting form have all but melted his trade value. They’ve recently re-opening trade talks centered around him and must be willing to settle for a weaker deal.

The Sixers get some depth at the four and five (given Embiid’s injury history, that may not be a bad thing) in Portis. Shaq Harrison is arguably just as capable of an NBA player as Fultz, especially when you consider their respective salaries. Antonio Blakeney is merely a throw-in; he at the very least gets to reunite with former college teammate, Ben Simmons. It’s possible that Denzel Valentine could be swapped here as well.

Chicago gets a reclamation project, someone to maybe (but not likely) push Dunn, and at the very least a warm body in Fultz who they could move on from down the road if he still can’t figure things out. They could also take on someone like Amir Johnson or former Bull (for like one hour) Justin Patton to make the money work. Both are on the hook for one-year deals, but Johnson could block a deal, which seems likely.

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Regarding the second-round pick situation: this would be one of those scenarios where the Sixers would have the option to swap picks based on draft positioning. So should the Bulls have a vastly lower draft pick in round two, then Philly will likely exercise this option.

This could also literally be a swap of second-round picks. I’m sure both sides would come to some agreement with the picks at the end of the day.

Prediction: However, in all likelihood, this trade would probably never happen. That’s why it’s a ‘bold prediction’!