Chicago Bulls: Bold trade deadline predictions

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Chicago Bulls, Kris Dunn, Lonzo Ball
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This seems to be something of a trendy trade rumor.

Kris Dunn has had such a short and strange NBA career. No one really knows how good he can be because he does some things really well and then does other things not so well. Just putting a finger on the floor/ceiling is not easy. Most of that is because the coaching has been bad and the Bull’s core keeps getting hurt. However, he’s long past the point of being considered a ‘prospect’.

The other night, the Bulls knocked off the Miami Heat 105-89. Dunn had a nice game with 14 points, eight dimes, and five boards. As I alluded to recently, he doesn’t play well with Zach LaVine. As fate would have it, LaVine did not suit up for the Bulls because he was hurt.

I’m still a Dunn believer; the talent is there, even if he’s allergic to shooting threes. I think with a more modern-thinking and less tone-deaf coach, he’d be doing what should be expected of him.

That said, the Anthony Davis news does have a connection with the Bulls. Not the part that Davis doesn’t want to play for the Bulls (shocker!), but more so that Lonzo Ball’s camp doesn’t want him to play for the Pelicans, but rather the Bulls or Knicks. Let’s be honest, we all know it’s Lavar Ball, but this is noteworthy.

The Knicks just picked up Dennis Smith Jr. in the Porzingis deal, so they’re probably out of getting Ball.

While New Orleans has no immediate need to move Davis at the trade deadline, they might wind up dealing him to the Lakers. It’s possible they need a third team to get involved. If the Lakers sit on their hands as they did with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, there’s a chance that they could miss out on Davis.

That said, I don’t see the Pelicans making the move yet (they might wait to see what the Knick’s first-round pick becomes), so any discussions of Ball suiting up for the Bulls in a three-team blockbuster seems unlikely. I think GarPax still like Dunn, even with all the rumors that surround him. Besides, there’s this unsightly thread:

For the time being, Dunn isn’t going anywhere.

Prediction: Dunn sticks around through the deadline, but isn’t exactly ‘safe’ this summer