Chicago Bears: Who could make the Pro Bowl in 2020?

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With eight Pro Bowlers in 2019, which Chicago Bears can make the Pro Bowl in 2020 that didn’t in 2019?

This year, the Chicago Bears were well represented in Orlando. Many notable players from the Bears roster such as Mitchell Trubisky, Eddie Jackson, and Akiem Hicks participated in the NFL’s annual all-star game.

With eight players on the NFC’s Pro Bowl team, it’s clear that the Bears roster is more than loaded with top-tier talent.

Although the NFL’s annual all-star game means nothing to some, just playing in the game itself is an honor in NFL circles as it means that a player played at a high level all season.

As young as the Bears roster is, there is still potential for players that didn’t make the Pro Bowl this season to do so next season.

While everyone wants to talk about the stars like Khalil Mack that the Bears have, there are also some young, up-and-coming players who could be named to the Pro Bowl for the first time next season.

Additionally, the Bears even have some veterans like Bobby Massie that could make the Pro Bowl next year. Yes, the Bears roster is just that loaded with talent meaning the team could see a few new faces in the Pro Bowl next year.

Over the next few slides, we’ll project which players could represent the Bears in Orlando next season. Before we get to the predicting, there are some simple criteria for the players who are on this list.

First, they cannot have a Pro Bowl appearance from 2019. This means that you won’t see Mitchell Trubisky, Eddie Jackson, and Kyle Fuller appear on any of the slides.

However, names which did not appear in the Pro Bowl in 2019 can appear even if they’ve been to the Pro Bowl in the past.  Therefore, someone like Jordan Howard who made the Pro Bowl in 2016 can appear.

Second, the player must have been on the Bears during the 2018 and 2019 season. A major reason for this is that the Bears roster consists of drafted talent more than anything else. Therefore, players who were traded for or signed in free agency do not count.