Chicago Bulls: Go figure, Jim Boylen gets a multi-year raise

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bulls have reportedly increased the salary for Jim Boylen not only this year, but for next year as well.

The more you think about it, this isn’t the biggest of surprises. In all honesty, it truly isn’t a shock in the least.. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Bulls front office has given Jim Boylen a salary bump for this year and next year.

With Boylen now back in the fold for next season, it does give the team continuity, but at what cost? After all that has unfolded this entire season, the Bulls are now the laughingstock of the NBA and they continue to do so by making moves that either make no sense, or set themselves another year back.

It feels as though that no progress has been made since Hoiberg was let go by the front office. At least with Hoiberg, the young core players showed progress in their development. It felt as if the Bulls were taking a step forward. With this current situation, the Bulls are taking several steps back.  It might take a few years to now get back to where they once were.

This team was built to play a similar style to the Warriors. This roster is meant to play in a pace and space system, but with Boylen, he has slowed down the offense focusing on individual matchups. The Bulls don’t have the talent to win those types of matchups.

These decisions the front office are making to extend Boylen, and get involved with the team is hurting the chemistry and development of the young core. Forget about the possibility of landing any big free agents. That idea is long gone. Nobody wants to play for a team that has this much dysfunction.

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The Chicago Bulls are the laughingstock of the entire league and it’s not going to change anytime soon, unless Jerry and Michael Reinsdorf find a way to forget loyalty and focus more on winning a championship. This front office has been given so many chances to build a championship roster and it has gone far enough.