Chicago Bulls: Jim Boylen is hurting development of the team

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bulls season has not been easy to watch, and head coach, Jim Boylen is only making it worse.

The Chicago Bulls are the laughingstock of the NBA. Led by Jim Boylen, the Bulls have not only taken a step back, but have put their future in danger, which can set them back a very long time.

Rebuilds are no easy task to accomplish. They take a lot of time and effort, and sometimes they don’t end up the way a team wants it. After watching the Bulls this entire season, it starts to make you wonder if the Bulls are becoming a team of that caliber.

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Say what you want about Fred Hoiberg, but Hoiberg when coaching this Bulls team made the rebuild a little more easier and fun to watch. The Bulls were adapting to the league standards of the pace and space system. However, when Hoiberg was let go,  the Bulls became not only the laughingstock of the NBA, but they are on the verge of taking a step back in this rebuild.

Enter Jim Boylen, Fred Hoiberg’s assistant coach during his tenure was finally given an opportunity to coach an NBA team. Although, I respect Boylen’s discipline methods, I do not think he’s the right coach for this team and is hurting the development of the core players.

Boylen has slowed down the pace of the offense, making this Bulls team a lot harder to watch. Their not as efficient on the offensive side of the ball, and are struggling to find consistent numbers from the core guys.

According to Basketball Reference, the Bulls are ranked 25 in field goals made, 23 in field goal attempts, and 26 in three point attempts. So much for the pace and space offense.

Watching the Bulls play Golden State in Oakland was brutal, because teams like the Bulls are trying to replicate their type of playing style. The Warriors were playing at a fast pace, where as Boylen relied on half court offense and one-on-one matchups. The problem with that is the Bulls don’t have the necessary players to win those types of matchups.

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You don’t win in the league by yourself. Just ask Michael Jordan before he had Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Horace Grant, Toni Kuoc, and a great coach in Phil Jackson. If the Bulls want to ever bring back their chances of winning a championship again, it starts with firing Paxson, Forman, and Jim Boylen.