Chicago Bears: Latest reason why Cody Parkey must go

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

As if fans needed another, here is the latest reason the Chicago Bears must part ways with Cody Parkey.

Chicago Bears fans had their pitchforks out after Cody Parkey had his game-winning field goal attempt tipped against the Philadelphia Eagles. The “double-doink” was all anyone has been talking about in what has felt like the longest week in the history of creation for fans.

After the game, the Bears were surely devastated. These players gave their heart and soul to this team and poured in everything they had over the entire year. Despite the level of devastation, Parkey’s teammates all said the right thing, making it clear he had their support.

Fans made a big deal out of Parkey’s comments that the loss was going to “sting for a few days,” ruminating that a few days was hardly enough time to be devastated over this loss. However, in the heat of the moment, it’s hard to take every word so literally and expect a player to perfectly articulate how they feel.

However, with today’s news that Parkey will be appearing on the Today Show on Friday, one has to wonder whether it did only take him a few days to put this behind him.

In any event, this latest decision which is both puzzling and misguided is yet another reason why Parkey cannot be on this team next season. Before the wound has even begun to scab over, Parkey will be on your television sets picking at it while you sip your morning coffee.

What could possibly be the purpose of going on the show? Is it to garner sympathy for all the negative attention he has received for missing that kick? If so, what about the other 52 men in that locker room who were just as, if not more devastated by the loss?

Is it a rehabilitation tour orchestrated by his agent in the hopes of Parkey putting this incident behind him in the event he is released?

Does that explanation sound ridiculous? It sure does, but so does just about any conceivable reason for why he would go on national television to discuss this incident.

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The only possible (and potentially acceptable) reason would be to speak out against the threats he has received since the game. While those threats are absurd, and the people that made them despicable, one has to wonder whether this is the appropriate time and venue to address those issues.

Perhaps the appropriate course of action for Parkey is to simply lay lower than the trajectory of his last field goal attempt and not draw more attention to himself or the kick. In any event, like one of Parkey’s infamous field goal attempts, I think I’ll miss this interview.