Chicago Bears: Alshon Jeffery provides bulletin board material

Chicago Bears (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

Alshon Jeffery took the opportunity to trash the Chicago Bears on Wednesday on a number of fronts.

The Chicago Bears have been laser-focused this season, demonstrating a level of maturity as a team that you usually only see in a playoff-tested squad. They have rebounded from every tough loss, and handled success incredibly well, never getting too high or too low.

A team like that is motivated by its desire to win and plays for the man to their right and their left. But just in case they need a little extra motivation, they got in today in the form of some controversial comments from former Bears wide receiver, Alshon Jeffery.

While speaking to reporters, Jeffery, who was drafted by the Bears in the second round of the 2012 draft clearly has no love lost for his former team and city.

He made that abundantly clear and in the process, provided the Monsters of the Midway not only a reason to want to detach his head from the rest of his body but plenty of bulletin board material for the team. Let’s take a look at some of his comments.

Alshon started by taking a shot seemingly at both the Bears and the City of Chicago by stating that he loves Philadelphia and Chicago was just a place where he worked. You may recall Jeffery was a part-time employee of the Bears, missing 19 games in four years, so there wasn’t a whole lot of work being done for three of his five years.

Having spent so little time on it, you’d think Jeffery wouldn’t pretend to be an expert on the playing surface at Soldier Field. But you would be wrong. Perhaps if he has a bad game on Sunday, it will be due to the field conditions. Who knows. But Jeffery is starting to sound less like a football player, and more like a bitter malcontent.

Nevertheless, you could chalk up his comments to the negative experience he had when he was in Chicago. He’s clearly not over it, and the ill will he’s harboring against his former club became clear. But then he went and made, what was perhaps his dumbest comment of the day. Take a look for yourself.

Certainly, those comments did not sit well with the men inside the Bears’ locker room — particularly on the defensive end. Aside from the poor decision to fire up the Bears defense, his comments are just silly — particularly since the Bears have beaten four teams this season who score more points per game than the Eagles. They also eviscerated the No. 2 ranked defense in the league in the Los Angeles Rams.

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So to suggest that somehow they haven’t seen an offense as “dynamic” as the Eagles who are ranked 14th in total yards and 18th in points per game is just absurd.

Equally absurd is why Jeffery would choose to put himself in the crosshairs of the league’s top defense and put an even bigger bullseye on his team with his comments. Maybe he knows what he’s doing — or maybe the Bears’ defense will reacquaint him with the turf of Soldier Field that he’s so fond of.