Chicago Cubs: What to make of Bryce Harper’s latest social media post

Chicago Cubs (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)
Chicago Cubs (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs free agent target Bryce Harper is creating a stir on social media again.

Perhaps the king of social media trolling, free agent outfielder and Chicago Cubs target Bryce Harper was at it again over the weekend.

While most of America was watching a rain-soaked Ryan Seacrest work one of his 27 jobs hosting New Year’s Eve festivities in Times Square, Bryce Harper was getting cozy with another Cub in the City of Sin.

As we are all familiar, based on their famous advertising campaign, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. That is, of course, unless you post in on Instagram. Then your business is everywhere.

Well, that’s what happened Monday night when Kris Bryant‘s wife, Jessica posted a photo of her, her hubby, Harper and his wife, in what appears to be a photo booth taking goofy pictures.

The foursome rang in the New Year together in Las Vegas, where Harper and Bryant grew up. It’s also no secret that the Cubs are in pursuit of Harper, having asked agent Scott Boras to give them time to free up some additional funds by moving one or more of their larger contracts.

So what does it all mean? At the end of the day, nothing. While Cubs fans probably don’t want to hear that, it’s the truth. The fact that Harper was hanging out with a friend he has known (and played baseball with) since they were eight-years-old, makes it no more likely that he will sign with the Cubs. In addition, it was even Harper who posted it.

It has been no secret that the two are friends. It’s also common knowledge that the two would obviously love to play together again. But Kris Bryant isn’t the man behind the curtain making the decisions. Neither is Harper the one who can pull the trigger on a deal.

The reality is Theo Epstein needs to find a way, financially, to make it happen. Whether that’s getting ownership to agree to blow the luxury tax threshold, or moving one of their obscene contracts, something has to happen before Harper to the Cubs can become a reality.

Until that time, this sort of thing is fun to talk about, but unlikely to tip the scales.