Chicago Bears: 3 head coach openings make sense for Vic Fangio

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos

A lot of experts out there don’t put the Denver Broncos amidst one of the more attractive head coaching openings, and understandably so. The biggest reason why? They have no idea who their franchise quarterback will be going into the future.

That’s a big reason why the Broncos might be unattractive to other head coaching candidates. But, for the likes of Fangio? He would have a lot of fun coaching this team.

Fangio’s defensive system employs a bunch of different twists and turns, especially when rushing the passer. What do you think he could do with a tandem such as Von Miller and Bradley Chubb? The possibilities are endless.

If he is looking for a team to coach (aside from staying with Chicago, of course) with a solid core in place on defense, the Broncos have to be up there. The 14.5 sacks by Miller and 12.0 sacks by Chubb are quite attractive to be handed as an NFL head coach with a strong, intuitive defensive mind.

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The last thing we want to see is Fangio leave the Bears. In the end, maybe he stays put like Josh McDaniels has done in New England. If there is a good thing going, and he feels like he has the best chance to win where he’s at, he could choose to stay with Chicago. Let’s hope that ends up being the case. But, if not, these three teams make a ton of sense.