Chicago White Sox Rumors: Baseball insider has interesting theory on Bryce Harper

Chicago White Sox Rumors (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Chicago White Sox Rumors (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images) /

Some recent Chicago White Sox rumors suggest the team may be the only one committed to the pursuit of Bryce Harper.

According to the most recent Chicago White Sox rumors, the South Siders could be the only team totally committed to their pursuit of Bryce Harper, the power-hitting free agent superstar.

That is not to say that other teams aren’t also pursuing him, but according to at least one baseball insider, those teams aren’t “all-in” on Harper.

Steve Phillips, the former general manager of the New York Mets, turned baseball analyst for the MLB Network, had an interesting tweet today on social media.

Phillips no doubt got White Sox fans in a bit of a lather when he broke down his thoughts on each team allegedly “pursuing” Harper. He started off his thread by making the distinction between teams that are “in” on a free agent and teams that are “IN” on a free agent.

In other words, a team can be in on a player but attach conditions to their offer, or are only interested if the player agrees to their terms.

The thread broke down each team and why they are not totally committed to Harper. He noted the Chicago Cubs must decide whether they will move money around to make an offer. The Los Angeles Dodgers are only offering a deal half the length Harper is seeking. The Philadelphia Phillies only met with Scott Boras, his agent, rather than Harper when the two were in Las Vegas, and the Washington Nationals have already reapportioned the money earmarked for Harper to other players.

In other words, the Chicago White Sox are the only team who are 100 percent in on Harper without any conditions attached. They have the money and apparently the interest, and are willing to give Harper what he wants in terms of a contract.

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The only question that remains, and it’s an obvious one, is whether Harper is committed to the idea of playing for the White Sox. Only time will tell and provide the answer to this question, but as Phillips points out, there is only one team all-in on Harper. And sometimes at the end of the day, all a player wants is to be wanted.