One Christmas wish for each Chicago sports team

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Chicago Bulls: Zion Williamson

Much like the Blackhawks, the Chicago Bulls sit in the cellar, had an unsuccessful early coaching change, and are looking like prime contenders for the top pick.

At 9-25, the Bulls are the second worst team in the NBA, behind the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Bulls have experienced a brutal series of injuries, drama, and evaporation of big leads thus far in 2018.

However, despite their record, the Bulls young core might not be too far away from being developed enough to compete for a playoff spot. Injuries and other issues have flushed out any chance of that this season, but the Bulls might be a piece or two away from competing again.

That piece could be acquired with the top pick of the 2019 NBA draft. That piece is Duke superstar Zion Williamson.

The top prospect for next year’s draft, Williamson is arguably the most highly-touted NBA draft prospect since Anthony Davis in 2012. Williamson has been compared to LeBron James for his frame, athleticism, and versatility.

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It just so happens that the one piece missing from the Bulls core is a forward. Williamson is just that, and if the Bulls were to find themselves picking first overall in the draft next summer, Williamson would certainly be the guy.

Williamson isn’t just a franchise-changing player; he is a league changer player, like James or Stephen Curry.

The Bulls aren’t too many losses away from making the Zion Dream a reality, and while, like their United Center counterparts, the losses are painful, they’ll be all worth while if it means at least a decade of Zion Williamson carrying the Bulls back to greatness.