Chicago Bulls Rumors: Jabari Parker wants to be traded

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The Chicago Bulls are on a streak — no, a good one. Now, let’s get back to the rumors and confusion.

Hey, would you look at that? Despite many of the NBA trade rumors and, specifically Chicago Bulls rumors floating around, the team has its first winning streak of the season. The Bulls defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers handedly on Sunday, by a score of 112-92.

It is going to be weird not seeing the Bulls on Christmas Day again this year. Prior to last season, they had appeared on national television on Christmas Day for seven straight years. Either way, two wins in a row almost feels like gift enough, right?

The Bulls won on Sunday thanks to a big game from Lauri Markkanen, who finished with 31 points. The victory came in no thanks, however, to forward Jabari Parker.

Ever since Parker found himself on the outside looking in at the Bulls’ regular rotation, things have looked bleak in terms of his future with the team. Most folks believe he will be in a different uniform by the time the 2018 NBA trade deadline passes in February.

The only question now, is where to? So far, the Utah Jazz have been the hottest rumored team to be interested in Parker. The New York Knicks may also be a suitor for the Duke product.

It wasn’t until Sunday, though, that we found out Parker indeed wishes to move out of his hometown of Chicago. Check out an interesting excerpt from The Chicago Sun-Times:

"“Sources have indicated that Parker has all but checked out, hoping a trade elsewhere was imminent.”"

Not only does Parker want out of Chicago, but apparently he has almost completely checked out. At this point, the Bulls have to get something done. It would be a travesty if Parker was on the team past this year’s deadline, considering all that has happened leading up to now.

It would also be a total Bulls move to keep Parker for the remainder of the season.

You never know what this front office is capable of until they prove they can indeed make an even more foolish move than the previous one. Don’t put anything past John Paxson or Gar Forman. As a fan, I surely hope Parker is as good as gone, and quickly.

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As a sane person, I also realize nothing would surprise me coming from GarPax. Let’s hope that, along with the Jazz and Knicks, a couple other teams show interest and the Bulls start to see some offers on the table.