Latest odds say Chicago White Sox no longer in running for Bryce Harper

Chicago White Sox (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Chicago White Sox (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

Amidst a week and a half of rumors, talks and reports, the Chicago White Sox may be on the outside looking in at Bryce Harper.

The Bryce Harper saga continues, and the Chicago White Sox may now be on the outside looking in.

Over the past week or so, many outlets and experts have become warmer and warmer to the idea of the White Sox landing the stud outfielder. In fact, one insider even believed the Sox were the front runners to land Harper — and that was just a few days ago.

But, as we all know, the sports world is a business, and sometimes, the business world changes daily.

Now, the latest odds say that Harper is highly unlikely to land with the White Sox. How unlikely? Well, see for yourself:

Philadelphia Phillies: +156

Los Angeles Dodgers: +260

St. Louis Cardinals: +550

Chicago Cubs: +800

Washington Nationals: +950

Those are the most recent odds, via BookMaker, and that doesn’t even include the rest of the top 10.

Here is the kicker: The Sox aren’t even in the top 10.

The most interesting part of all of this, however, is the fact that the Dodgers remain very much a front runner. This is despite another recent report stating that Los Angeles is unlikely to sign Harper to a long-term deal.

Harper, of course, turned down a 10-year, $300 million contract from the Nationals earlier this year. He is looking for what would be a record-breaking deal, but the Dodgers are unwilling to give that to him.

Yet, the Dodgers are still considered a favorite. The idea of Harper signing a short-term deal doesn’t sound all that likely to me, but who knows, he could surprise us all if he is that interested in Los Angeles.

The other intriguing part of these latest odds is the fact that the Cubs are still up there. While all the talk has been about the Phillies, Dodgers and White Sox, apparently someone knows something we don’t about the Cubs.

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Wouldn’t that be something, if the Cubs snuck in and snagged Harper when, in all reality, it seems as if no one is looking at them.