Chicago Bears: Time to silence the mouth of Aaron Rodgers

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears lost Week 1 to the Green Bay Packers, but this time will be different.

Biblically, it is said that no one man can tame the tongue. You can try, but in the end, it is simply too powerful. For the Chicago Bears, a certain tongue decided to give them the best bulletin board material they have had all season long.

This week is Green Bay Packers week. This week is a big week. It’s at home, this time, and this time, it will be different.

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The Packers are fresh off a victory over the reeling Atlanta Falcons, following the firing of long-time head coach Mike McCarthy. Is it any wonder that the Packers put up an impressive offensive performance after McCarthy’s exit.

If you have been paying even the slightest attention to the Pack all season, you know the relationship between McCarthy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers was beyond repair. Rodgers has been visibly unhappy on the field, playing almost as if he doesn’t care at times.

Heck, some folks even used the comparison, “Jay Cutler, but with talent.”

Now, that’s saying something.

A couple of weeks ago, Rodgers came to the media after suffering a prime time loss to the Minnesota Vikings. He gave everybody more than enough to write on, when he told them just how his Packers could still get to the playoffs.

Amidst Rodgers knowing the rest of his schedule vividly, and stating how they would need some help from other teams, the quarterback took a subtle jab at a familiar foe.

"“We are going to have to find a way to win a game on the road. We are 0-6 on the road. We just need to go back home, get some rest, beat Arizona, and then come back, beat Atlanta …Then we need to go to Chicago, a place we’ve won a number of times, beat them … “"

Then we need to go to Chicago, a place we’ve won a number of times

It’s true. the Packers have won in Chicago several times under Rodgers, and a lot of times it hasn’t been pretty.

He’s got a valid point, but the subtle jab is a bit unwarranted when you’re a team praying for a miracle at this point when it comes to your playoff hopes.

Akiem Hicks was asked about those comments this week while on the Mully and Haugh Show on 670 The Score.

"“Nobody forgot Aaron’s little comments after they lost that big game when he said all they have to do is win out and go to Soldier Field and win like we’ve done a bunch in the past. I’m real excited for Aaron to come down here and play this game.”"

My hope, is that Rodgers got a chance to see the Bears in action on Sunday night. Chicago took on a much more potent offense in the Los Angeles Rams, and held them to a plethora of season-lows.

Rodgers has had a mediocre season, at best. Regardless of play-calling or coaching, he has looked human. He’s missed a bunch of throws. He has not been that guy we’re used to seeing as Bears fans — and that’s a fantastic sign.

Maybe he’s arguably the most talented quarterback of all-time, but how do you measure talent? Sure, he’s a phenomenal quarterback (not this year), but what about all of the ex-teammates who have come out over the years questioning his character and leadership?

What about ex-teammates calling him self-centered and talking about how he goes into his own shell when he doesn’t get his way?

What about all of the family drama, with his brother Jordan Rodgers stating that he’s completely alienated himself from the family altogether?

Sure, Rodgers is a talented guy, but he’s an arrogant one as well. Us as Bears fans, we see it. We watch his demeanor on the field and at the podium. We don’t like him — and we shouldn’t. We should vehemently dislike every fiber of the Packers organization.

Isn’t that Bears fan code, or something?

I’ve got news for the Packers, and Rodgers — you’re in for a rude awakening. This season is over. It’s inevitable.

The Bears can come into this week and clinch the NFC North crown at home. They can clinch a playoff berth, double-digit wins, at home.

I have a feeling this group on defense is more than ready to feast on Rodgers and his porous offensive line. It isn’t going to matter what he and interim head coach Joe Philbin decide to throw at the Bears — I’m willing to guarantee that the Bears will have an answer.

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Get ready for the Bears to shut the mouth of a long-time rival — this time, ending his season for good.