Chicago White Sox: Three reasons Bryce Harper makes sense right now

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The others teams that were once “in” on Harper are falling out

Heading into the offseason, it looked like it’d be a slugfest between the Cubs, Phillies, and Yankees.

Now, one of those teams, the Phillies, is really the only team left in the mix.

Let’s compare three teams, the White Sox, Dodgers, and Phillies, in terms of what we’ve heard and seen so far this offseason.

For the Dodgers, there is absolutely no need for another outfielder. Additionally, a ton of money has to be cleared, considering the amount of money dished out to Clayton Kershaw earlier. A lot has to be done before the Dodgers have the kind of flexibility to make Harper a reasonable offer, and considering the fact that the Dodgers have other needs elsewhere, I don’t think Harper ends up in Los Angeles.

Next up, the Phillies made a move today that would indicate that their once seemingly urgent quest to sign Harper has simmered down. After signing Andrew McCutchen to a $50-million deal, the Phillies fixed the void that was presumably going to be filled by Harper. The Phillies also have massive holes in the rotation and bullpen that must be filled before adding to their surplus of outfielders.

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This leaves the White Sox, who have the money, the need, and the determination to sign Bryce Harper. Whether it be by default or not, the White Sox could, should, and maybe will end up signing Harper by the time the week, year, or offseason is over.

Its been a tumultuous week of rumors that doesn’t look like its going to be over any time soon, but this has all the makings of ending very, very well for the Chicago White Sox.