Chicago White Sox: Three reasons Bryce Harper makes sense right now

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The Chicago White Sox have been right in the middle of the Bryce Harper rumors during this week’s Winter Meetings. Here’s why it makes sense now.

Halfway through the Winter Meetings, and Chicago White Sox free agent target Bryce Harper is still on the market.

Its anyone’s guess where the former Washington Nationals superstar outfielder could go, but it looks as if that guess could be a little easier now.

According to multiple reports throughout the week, the Nationals, Chicago Cubs, and New York Yankees are all out of the running for Harper. Though it is possible all three teams are playing possum and are still in the mix.

But for the moment, let’s take them at their word and assume they’re no longer players for Harper’s services. That leaves three teams; the White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies.

The Dodgers have a crowded outfield and already have a high payroll.

The Phillies aren’t exactly the most appealing destination and don’t really have a need either.

We’ll get to why Harper makes sense for the South Siders in a little bit, but it looks like the stars have aligned. Now, Harper just needs to be signed.

Its been a while since the White Sox have been this deep into the race for a big free agent. And while it’s unclear how this is going to turn out, it sure is fun to see the White Sox back into having a winning mentality.

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Everyone would love to see Harper in a White Sox uniform. There’s no doubt about that. However, beyond the star power, there are other reasons why it would make sense for the White Sox to jump at the present opportunity to add one of the game’s best players.