Chicago Bulls: It’s time for fans to stop showing up

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

It’s time for Chicago Bulls fans to pull the only card they have and stop showing up to games.

Fans of the Chicago Bulls have not had a whole lot to cheer about in recent years. With the exception of the Tom Thibodeaux era, Bulls supporters have had to endure the likes of Tim Floyd, Bill Cartwright, Scott Skiles, Vinny Del Negro, Fred Hoiberg, and now, so far, Jim Boylen.

Despite season after season of futility, the team’s management has managed to shove this steaming pile of make down the throats of its fans with the assistance of a promise that better days are ahead.

Most recently, the team embarked on what appeared to be the beginning of a rebuild with Hoiberg leading the charge. However, almost mid light, the Bulls pulled the captain and threw the disheveled co-pilot in the hot seat without regard for whether he could navigate the passengers on the plane.

Well, to the surprise of few, it doesn’t seem to be working out that well. Shocker, I know. After releasing the most successful coach they’ve had since Phil Jackson, the Bulls promised to move away from the authoritarian type coach that was Thibs and hired Hoiberg. After three seasons and some change, they came to the realization that softer wasn’t better and have — some would say inexplicably — chosen a coach even more Draconian than Thibs.

Don’t believe me? Then check out the video below:

“They have to understand that this is not a negotiation.” Not a negotiation? Is that the head coach of the Bulls or a parent explaining to their three-year-old why they can’t wear their Paw Patrol pajamas to school? Boylen is about to make Thibs look compassionate.

Still, don’t believe me? Take a look at the players’ actions. It was reported over the weekend that some of the players questioned over a group text whether to show up to Sunday’s practice. A full blown mutiny just three games into the new coach’s tenure is not a great look for Gar Forman and John Paxson.

And now there are reports that the players went to the NBA Players Association to report what they believed to be extreme practices by Boylen.

But what else is new? GarPax has been collectively vomiting all over themselves for years without even the slightest glimpse of hope that a change in management and philosophy was on the horizon. Owner Jerry Reinsdorf has no intention to make a move despite a litany of poor decisions by his management team.

And why would he? I mean, it hasn’t affected his bottom line one bit. The Bulls led the entire league in attendance last season and are third overall this year. So to the fans who are bemoaning GarPax but going to the games I say, you are partially to blame. The same goes for those who are buying their Bulls gear or tuning in to watch at home.

It’s become clear that the only thing ownership cares about is their bottom line. Until that’s impacted via fans boycotting the games, or spending their hard earned money on something else, it will remain status quo.

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So if fans want to effectuate change then it’s time to stay home. And it’s time to spend your money on anything else. If ownership doesn’t care that you’re spending your hard earned money on a joke of a franchise, then maybe it’s time to make it clear with your actions. Then, and only then, might things begin to change for the better.