Chicago White Sox Rumors: Potential Jose Abreu trades with Dodgers

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Trade Package Number Three: A major league package

Ok, there is a lot to unpack here.

First, this deal is unlikely considering the state of the White Sox rebuild. However, maybe the White Sox have turned a corner, and are ready to build the current major league roster, even if it means dealing a key cog in Abreu.

First is Yasiel Puig, Everyone knows Puig, the Dodgers (in)famous Cuban outfielder. The one-time premier phenom has fizzled out a bit, but still is a consistent potential 20 home run hitter, and is a fan-favorite, clubhouse energy-bringer that could be the face of the White Sox franchise from an entertainment standpoint.

Given Chicago, especially the White Sox, Cuban history, Puig would be of interest for the White Sox, who have made a couple of efforts to bring the “Wild Horse” to the South Side in the past. The Dodgers could, and should, be willing to deal Puig, and I don’t think the White Sox would refuse the opportunity.

The real key to this deal is Julio Urias. The former top overall prospect in all of baseball, Urias missed most of 2017 and 2018 due to injury. However, the young Mexican southpaw has Cy-Young potential at his absolute best, and as shown when he is healthy, really just has no place on the Dodgers.

Urias’ floor is as a reliever, which just so happens to be one of the White Sox needs. At his best, Urias could be the guy that we see take the mound during Game 7 of the 2021 World Series. Yeah, his ceiling is that high.

Every deal hinders on whether the White Sox are willing to deal Abreu or not, but all three packages, especially this one, are really intriguing.

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Buckle up, White Sox fans. The Winter Meetings are just days away. ‘Tis the season.