Chicago Bears: Three matchups to exploit against Giants

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Matchup no. 1: Bears pass rush vs. Giants offensive line

It’s no secret that the defense is the unit that has helped this team win the most during the season.

That’s not to say the offense is bad, it’s just that the Bears defense has had multiple game-changing plays that led to victories for the team. They have a chance for more on Sunday.

The Giants’ offensive line is one of the worst in football, and Giants quarterback Eli Manning has been sacked 38 times this season. That’s tied for second-worst in the NFL, and the Bears must take advantage of this mismatch on Sunday.

The Bears come into Sunday’s game with 34 sacks recorded, which is tied for sixth-most in the league. Like other teams the Bears faced this season, the Giants will most likely focus on stopping Mack. Even though double or triple-teaming him doesn’t always work, others will need to step up.

Outside linebacker Leonard Floyd has had a disappointing season. He didn’t record a sack until week 10, and it’s still the only time he’s dropped the quarterback this season. He will have to make plays against the Giants if they find a way to shut down Mack.

It would make sense that this would be a breakout year for Floyd because of all the attention Mack gets from opposing offenses. But that hasn’t happened, and although Floyd has looked quicker in the past three weeks, he needs to start putting up numbers to prove that progression.

Even if Floyd can’t come up big on Sunday, I believe defensive coordinator Vic Fangio will find a way to get consistent pressure on Manning. This matchup is just too lopsided for the Bears to ignore.