Chicago Bears: “Chicago’s not a good defense.”

Chicago Bears (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images) /

Apparently, the Chicago Bears do not have a good defense according to one radio personality.

Hey, were you aware that the Chicago Bears do not have a good defense? Me neither. In any event, I needed a good laugh today and was provided just that when I came across a video clip of Mike Francesa talking about the Bears’ defense. Better yet, I did not need to pay the $8.95 he typically charges for his app and access to his musings.

A couple of days ago, a caller dialed into Mike’s show and was genuinely curious whether he thought a defense like the Bears could stop a team like the New Orleans Saints in the playoffs. This is more than a fair question, considering the increased emphasis on offense, and decreased focus on defense across the league.

However, what wasn’t fair or accurate, was Francesa’s response. He quickly replied:

"“Chicago’s not a good defense. They have a good pass rush, they’re not a good defense. There’s a big difference. If they don’t get to the quarterback, they’re going to get cut to ribbons.”"

To be fair, I wholeheartedly agree with Mike on one point. The Bears are not a good defense. They are a great defense. And anyone who has spent any amount of time watching their games this year would reach the same conclusion.

As a result, one can surmise that Francesa simply hasn’t watched any of their games. Or read a newspaper, or social media, or looked up statistics on any of the popular websites containing such information, or doesn’t have access to Pro Football Focus, or engage in conversations with others who are knowledgeable about football, or — well, you get the point.

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If he had, he’d know the Bears are 5th in total defense (yards per game), 10th in passing defense (yards per game), 2nd in rushing yards allowed, and 1st in interceptions. So quite the contrary Mike — the Bears are a phenomenal defense, and not solely dependent on their pass rush. They are also terrific against the run and their secondary is full of playmakers who turn the ball over.

There has been no shortage of national media personalities who have drawn baseless, misinformed conclusions about this team or some of its players, but Francesa is just the latest in a long line of those who will be eating crow this holiday season.