Chicago White Sox: Potential trade packages for Noah Syndergaard

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Chicago White Sox Noah Syndergaard
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#2. A package that benefits both teams for 2019

Pretty unlikely, but if the Mets don’t want to tear it all down, this would work.

First off, it’d take a lot for the White Sox to deal Yoan Moncada. Although the once No. 1 prospect struggled mightily at times in 2018, Moncada’s upside is still massive.

However, if the White Sox don’t want to deal from their farm, Moncada is one of the only pieces that could get this deal done.

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A young, versatile infield with real 30-30 potential, Moncada has all the tools to be a future star in Chicago. The Mets have a hole at second base, and could certainly be interested in Moncada to fill that hole for several years.

Moncada’s inclusion in the deal has nothing to do with the Mets interest, as they’ll certainly be interested. It all depends on if the White Sox are willing to deal one of their “guys”, but for a player like Syndergaard, I think they’ll be fine with parting with Moncada over Jimenez or Cease.

Finally, Dunning would be the top prospect available in a deal. There’s no chance that a deal would include only major leaguers, so the Mets would likely ask for a top prospects who isn’t too far from the majors and possesses front-line potential. Dunning is that guy, and the Mets will almost certainly be interested as he fits their bill perfectly.

Moncada has never been on the trade block in his time with the White Sox, but its not impossible, especially not after his struggles in 2018. There are dozens of players in the organization that would be dealt before him, but in this particular deal, Moncada makes perfect sense, at least for the Mets.