Chicago Bears: 5 reasons fans should be thankful

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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The man who pulls the strings

Do you smell that? That’s the breath of fresh air that Matt Nagy brought to Chicago. Let’s put aside the schematic transformation for a moment, and just talk about what he’s brought to the table from another perspective.

The entire culture of this team has done a 180-degree turn. Morale last season was almost non-existent, especially when it became clear John Fox’s tenure was coming to a close. But even before that, you rarely saw any “personality” from this team.

In steps Nagy and brings his “BE YOU” mentality which enables the players to have fun playing a game. What a novel concept, right? Could you ever imagine in a million years Fox being the head bouncer at Club Dub? Yeah, me neither.

The fact that he’s made this team more entertaining to watch would have been enough for me this season, but he’s far exceeded any expectations I had for his first year. The team is 7-3 and in first place in the North, due in large part to Nagy’s offensive transformation. His level of creativity and ability to scheme an opponent has made the Bears offense exciting, effective, and extremely dangerous.

That the Chicago Bears are known not only for their defense, but their explosive offense, is a testament to the depth of this transformation, and that has so much to do with Nagy and his influence on this team.