Chicago Bears: Week 10 awards that totally make sense

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Khalil Mack
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

We all want to be Khalil Mack. We’ve all been Taylor Decker

Just look at this…

I could honestly watch this forever. Let’s get some facts in here. Taylor Decker is 6-foot-7, and 315 pounds. He is unquestionably a large man. And he didn’t get to the NFL by simply being big. He played at Ohio State. He’s a first-round pick. He has spent most of his life stopping determined men from getting where they’re going, and aggressively so. He has probably laughed at several defensive linemen in high school and college as he forced them to the ground and to stay there.

And then Khalil Mack comes along and knocks him over like he was a soda display at the Jewel.

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What’s best about this is it doesn’t even look like a big crash. Mack didn’t have to get his full body into and under him and then push. He just gets his hands on him while running full speed, and over he goes. It’s almost effortless. He’s barely a nuisance. I’m not sure Mack sees him, he’s just part of the path. He’s nothing more than dirt on the way to Matt Stafford. And then he is literally dirt on the way to Matt Stafford.

We’ve all had a point in life when we think we’ve got things figured out. Feel pretty good about what we’ve accomplished. Starting to think we might be getting somewhere. And then something out of nowhere, some force that can’t be explained, at some moment we weren’t expecting, makes it clear just how insignificant we are and how far we’ve got to go.

Khalil Mack is that force. You don’t matter when he’s coming at you. You don’t have it figured out. You haven’t accomplished anything. You are merely part of another’s path. You better keep working.

You’ve been Decker. Be Khalil.