Chicago Bears vs. New England Patriots: Totally serious Week 7 awards

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You have to hand it to Josh Bellamy. He keeps getting on the field, even though it’s not clear what it is he actually does.

Full disclosure: I’m a huge soccer fan. Love the culture, the drama, all of it. There’s a favorite story I have from my time in England.

When Manchester United used to visit their fierce rival Leeds United back around the turn of the century, the Leeds fans had a special song for a set of brothers that played for United back then, Gary and Phil Neville. To the tune of “If You’re Happy And You Know It,” it went, “If the Nevilles play for England so can I! (clap,clap)

The Fantasy Camp All-Star Award: Josh Bellamy

Well friends, if Josh Bellamy can play wideout, so can you. He benefitted last year from the complete lack of skill position players on the roster, so I assume his ability to put his left foot in front of his right one and vice versa a good 60 percent of the time made him stand out.

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But now there are skill position players on the team, and yet Bellamy keeps finding himself in the middle of things. Yeah, maybe Mitch Trubisky‘s first interception wasn’t the best decision. It was also one-on-one coverage and a ball that hit Bellamy between the “1” and the “5” on his jersey. If Mitch is going to be the quarterback we hope and the Bears think, he’s got to be allowed to make some risky throws that he completes. Otherwise we’re just going back to Kyle Orton again.

What Mitch can expect is that his receivers will fight for the ball. Not have them stolen from right out under their chest like he was anesthetized and having surgery.

Oh, and there was the whiffed long pass because he lost it in the sun. If only someone had invented tinted visors for football players that Julius Peppers and the like wore all the time. If only science would catch up, y’know?