Chicago Bears: 3 things fans must be tired of seeing

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Questionable personnel decisions

There have been some really puzzling personnel decisions so far this season. Before we get into them in detail, let me start off with this — Dion Sims must not see the field again for the Bears. I’m not sure what it is he does when he is out there, but it’s not to play football apparently. He dropped his only target, which hit him in the chest. ‘Whoops — sorry Dion, I’ll try to wedge it into your facemask next time,’ Mitch Trubisky probably thought to himself.

Now let’s dive into some other questionable moves. First, James Daniels must replace Erick Kush. Kush is a nice rotational player, but the Bears need their best offensive line on the field, and that includes Daniels in at guard.

Second, I have no idea what Vic Fangio was thinking with his use of Khalil Mack, Roquan Smith, and Akiem Hicks. Mack is clearly still feeling the effects of that ankle injury, so rather than have him rush the passer and get north and south, Fangio thought it was best to drop him into coverage where he’d have to move laterally? Yeah, that makes no sense.

What about the linebacker whose specialty is covering speedy running backs out of the backfield? Certainly, Fangio leaned on Smith to matchup against Sony Michel and James White, right? Oh, he didn’t? Well, that makes about as much sense as dropping Mack into coverage on an injured ankle. What?  Too soon? He also had Hicks on the field for way too many snaps yesterday. In order for Hicks to be effective, they need to keep him fresh. It’s not as if they don’t have the pieces to rotate in and give him a rest either.

And now, I turn my ire towards Josh Bellamy. I’ll concede he has some value on special teams, but he does not belong in the rotation of wide receivers. Going forward, his snaps as a wide receiver need to be taken by Kevin White or Javon Wims. White has been terrific as a downfield blocking wide receiver all season. He also had a heck of a catch on that Hail Mary at the end of the game. He can’t possibly be worse than Bellamy who lost track of a deep ball and allowed J.C. Jackson to intercept a pass that should have been caught by Bellamy or fallen incomplete.

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There is also no reason to keep Wims off the field. Granted, he may not have had a firm enough grasp of the playbook at the beginning of the year, but it’s not hard to line up, run a go-route and go get a jump ball. Again, he can’t be worse than Bellamy.