Chicago Bears: Bears-Patriots trip down misery lane

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Chicago Bears
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Chicago Bears fans’ greatest memory came against the New England Patriots. Sadly, those of us who came after have been paying for it ever since.

There are probably tons of ways to trace the Chicago Bears passage down The River Styx the past couple of decades. I didn’t even realize this one until this week. But ever since that January night in 1986 that your uncle has a framed photo of in his basement (assuredly signed) and hasn’t shut up about, Bears-Patriots games have tended to have all the congeniality of the vulture toward Prometheus. Some great victories come at a great price.

It’s hard to think of other opponents against whom the Bears have a more miserable recent history. The obvious answer is the Green Bay Packers, but there have been at least like, a notable victory or two over them. At least I think there were. Even if there weren’t I’m going to believe there were just to keep going on with life.

Existence is nothing if not a series of small lies you tell yourself, especially if you live in Chicago and deal with these winters (though not for much longer, apparently. And most of us would still choose heat death over February here).

They have a pretty miserable history with the Miami Dolphins, which was added to last week. But it’s nothing like what has gone on with the Patriots over the past 30 years. Don’t believe me?

In the words of John Lennon, let me take you down ‘cuz I’m going to.