Chicago Bears Rumors: Why Jordan Howard, Eagles rumor is ludicrous

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2: There is absolutely no equivalent return to be had

For a running back, we already know that value is out the window. Unless your last name is Gurley, and potentially Le’Veon Bell, you aren’t going to be valued as high as many other positions in this league. That means, regardless of your view on draft pick value, there isn’t any realistic amount of return that would make any sense for the Bears.

Look, Howard was found in the fifth round three years ago, for starters. That in and of itself is astounding value. Don’t sit back and think the Bears would take a mid-round pick in return for Howard.

Some people out there have said that the Bears may think about trading Howard for a second-round pick in return, but that there isn’t any way the Eagles would do it.

My thoughts? Good.

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A second-round pick is laughable for a young, offensive-minded team like the Bears who have their backfield set for the next couple of years. Throw in a young and ascending defense which happens to rank in the top-3 across multiple platforms, and there is quite honestly nothing worth giving up Howard unless you were to hand the Bears an even better running back in return.

This team has playoff aspirations in 2018, and potentially Super Bowl aspirations in the next couple of years. Howard will be essential to those hopes, and gambling on a draft pick for a sure thing will get you … well, just look at what the Oakland Raiders gave the Bears for … draft picks.