Chicago Bears Rumors: Why Jordan Howard, Eagles rumor is ludicrous

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1: Trading Howard would lead to offensive disaster

Yes, the Bears destroyed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers without Howard on the field all that much. We saw Tarik Cohen take center stage in that contest and succeed — in a huge way. Cohen was all over the place, rushing, receiving and making tacklers miss left and right.

Sure, Cohen is a fantastic talent. But, he’s not the workhorse running back the Bears can ride for a full season and into the playoffs, should they get there.

In today’s NFL, teams must use multiple backs. It’s essential, unless you’re someone like Ezekiel Elliott or Todd Gurley — and believe me, Howard is up there, but the Bears just so happen to have a perfect complimentary back in Cohen to help prolong both of their careers, while also giving defenses fits.

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Howard and Cohen are a perfect one-two punch. They’re young. The future is bright and lengthy for these two, in Chicago. There is absolutely no way Pace risks leaving the back field duties to Cohen and veteran Benny Cunningham — not a chance.

Without Howard, the Bears lose a top-10 back in this league. He rarely gets hit and loses yards. He loves contact and makes a living off of shedding tacklers. He falls forward, never backward. Not to mention, he added receiving hands into the mix this offseason, just to prove all of the critics wrong.

Think about it: Cunningham and Cohen or Howard and Cohen? It’s not even a conversation. Without Howard, this offense loses a huge chunk of their playbook, whether you want to admit that or not.