Chicago Bears: You want the good news or the bad news about Mitch Trubisky?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears Mitch Trubisky
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) /

Following the Chicago Bears win against the Arizona Cardinals, we learned a little more about Mitch Trubisky — some good, some bad.

Three games into the Chicago Bears’ 2018 campaign and they are a bit of a surprising 2-1, and alone at the top of the NFC North. Perhaps to no one’s surprise, it has been their defense that has carried them to this point.

Much was expected from the innovative offensive mind of Matt Nagy. Even though expectations were somewhat tempered since he had a young quarterback in a brand new offense, fans certainly expected more than four total offensive touchdowns through three games.

The mantra over this young season coming out of Halas Hall has been “it’s going to take time.” Nagy has repeated over and over again that Mitch Trubisky is making improvements but that it is going to take time for him to master this offense.

Despite Nagy’s assurances, fans can’t help but be left with a feeling of wanting more from this offense. Bears fans know this team (assuming competent quarterback play) is a playoff team. The fact that they have weathered  Mitch’s miscues and possess a first-place record thus far speaks to how dominant the defense has been.

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However, they will not be able to cover up for Mitch the entire season. At some point, he is going to need to start making a marked improvement on the field. The work he has been putting in must translate into results. So what about his play gives us the sense that this is possible? We take a look at the good news, and the bad news facing the Bears signal-caller.