Chicago Bears: 3 surprises from win over Arizona Cardinals

Chicago Bears (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears Khalil Mack
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Nobody can stop Khalil Mack.

I mean, look at this:

On another sack he beat a triple-team. It does not seem to matter. And yes, I’m going to do this every week about him no matter the subject or format because it’s so much fun. Get on board.

Maybe I was too young when Tommie Harris was still healthy. I know I was paying attention when Julius Peppers was signed. But I don’t remember noticing them on every play like I do with Khalil Mack. He seriously is wrecking people on every play.

If you’re not in awe of how he’s transformed not just a whole defense but a whole team, I can’t help you. Maybe you’ve gone dead inside. Maybe someone hurt you. But believe me, you have to see this. It’ll make you love again.

Akiem Hicks is going to the Pro Bowl, maybe even be named All-Pro, because he only sees one blocker ahead of him on every play. Something named “Bilal Nicholls” got a sack yesterday for the same reason. Leonard Floyd hasn’t even balled out yet.

This is one of the best to do it at the top of his game. I only need three games to tell you that’s what he is. This is Tiger Woods holding all four majors at once. Or Roger Federer and seven-straight Wimbledons. Russell Westbrook averaging a triple-double to spite the world. Ovechkin’s 60 goals. This is what we’re witnessing here.

And it’s still shocking every play that someone can do that.