Chicago Bears: Top three positives from win over Cardinals

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) /

Positive Number Two: The Chicago Bears didn’t panic

Despite facing their biggest deficit of the season, the Bears kept their cool.

When Trubisky struggled, Matt Nagy didn’t change up the Bears’ offensive scheme. The coaches confidence in Trubisky was apparent, as Trubisky was repeatedly called upon to throw down the field, even after several failed attempts.

It certainly wasn’t the best game for number ten in his young career. However, at no point on Sunday afternoon did Trubisky look the least bit fazed. No matter how many times the Cardinals brought the blitz, Trubisky stood in the pocket strong and did his job.

Furthermore, the Bears didn’t adjust on defense, either. The Bears blitzed at seemingly the same rate from the first-to-fourth quarter, regardless of the score.

The biggest negative from the week one loss to Green Bay was the fact that Nagy over-adjusted, especially when it wasn’t the least bit necessary. On Sunday, an adjustment would’ve been reasonable. Nagy stuck with the original game plan, and it paid off. The Bears won, and I don’t think anybody should care how good or bad they looked in the process.

It would’ve been too easy for the Bears to jump to conclusions. Trubisky missed several deep throws early on–it didn’t matter. The Bears kept on firing, and eventually, it ended in a win. Everybody can always improve (some more so than others), but having confidence in your players is vital in creating sustained success, and building valuable relationships and trust on and off the field.

Next weeks gameplan might need some work. But what matters is the fact that the Bears trust their players to the point where a bit of adversity doesn’t cause total chaos.