Chicago Bears: 3 burning questions heading into Week 4

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Will Mitch Trubisky continue to throw deep?

I cannot handle watching Mitch Trubisky throw the deep ball anymore. It gets my heart racing every time I see him chuck it down the field. I remember feeling this way with Jay Cutler. I felt this way to an extreme with watching Rex Grossman over a decade ago.

I don’t want to feel this way anymore.

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It is clear Trubisky cannot make the right decision when it comes to the deep ball. Three times in a row on Sunday, he threw it deep down the field into tight coverage. He even threw it into double-coverage — and the receiver was Taylor Gabriel. A small wide receiver double-covered is not exactly the recipe for a successful play.

If you remember both interceptions in Week 2 (of course you do), they were both headed for Allen Robinson down the field.

Look, I’m all for a calculated risk. Taking shots is part of playing the quarterback position. It’s just that Trubisky doesn’t seem to be calculating much of anything. He’s just letting it rip on his first read most of the time, and that’s not going to win games.

If he does throw it deep against the Bucs, it has to be on a route where the Bears’ receiver clearly has the upper hand. It cannot happen in double coverage. It cannot happen when the odds are not in the Bears’ favor.