Chicago Bulls: Potential surprises in the preseason

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Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Wendell Carter Jr. Chicago Bulls
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Wendell Carter Jr. surpasses Robin Lopez

While this might not be the biggest surprise of all, it would certainly qualify based on the current depth chart. The Bulls drafted Wendell Carter Jr. as high as they did for a reason. Right now, Robin Lopez still looks like he is the starter.

But, don’t be completely shocked if Carter passes him on the depth chart during preseason play. This team is getting younger and younger over the last couple of years, and Lopez simply doesn’t fit the mold of where they are headed.

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What we saw from Carter in the preseason was nothing short of impressive. He put on a block party and everyone was invited, especially in that first game where he ended with five swats total. He already showed us his range, being able to knock down the three ball comfortably. He’s an above-average passer, which will fit in nicely with the scorers the Bulls have assembled.

It might be the correct thing to do, coaching-wise, to put the veteran ahead of the rookie initially. But, Carter isn’t going to sit behind Lopez for very long. The only reason to save Carter a bit over his rookie season is if this organization wanted to attempt to tank yet again.