Chicago Bulls Rumors: Why Jimmy Butler isn’t coming back

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Bulls already spent cash on Butler’s position

All right, let’s just suppose Butler had Chicago on his short list of possible destinations. How would he fit in? The Bulls already did quite a bit to build up their rotation for this season. If Butler was to come back to Chicago, they would have to totally un-do what they’ve already done.

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Would Jabari Parker be involved in that deal? If not, would it be LaVine going back to Minnesota? Boy, wouldn’t that be weird.

Parker was brought to Chicago to play the small forward position, which is a position Butler can play. LaVine was signed to a long-term deal and plays Butler’s most natural position at the two guard. So, where would Butler fit?

There is no way Parker comes off the bench after getting a 2-year, $40 million contract from the Bulls. The same goes for LaVine. That means that one of these two guys would be sent back to Minnesota, and the odds of that happening are slim to none.

So, how would a trade even be structured at that point? I understand fans wanting to see Butler back in Chicago. I was (and still am) a fan of his. But, the reality is, the Bulls are pretty much set on the wing for this season.