Chicago Bears: 3 looming decisions heading into Week 3

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Question No. 1: Does Nagy shift offense to Trubisky’s strengths?

One of the trends of this new offense for the Bears has seen quarterback Mitch Trubisky look a little hesitant in the pocket. Now, don’t mistake this as me saying he is not aware enough in the pocket. The fact is, Trubisky’s ability to escape pressure in the pocket is actually quite impressive.

The problem, though, has been when Trubisky has to make a decision. There have been multiple times in the first two weeks where Trubisky has not taken his shot when it was there. On the flip side, when he does take his shots down field, they typically don’t connect. Monday night, both of his passes which traveled further than 10 yards down field were intercepted.

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In the second half of Monday night’s game against the Seahawks, the offense shifted to quicker passes where Trubisky saw the ball get to his receiver much faster than it did in the first two quarters. Allen Robinson caught 10 passes for just 83 yards, and the low yards per catch were a direct result of the change made after the half.

People can compare Trubisky to whoever they want, but that’s not going to change the present. What Trubisky has shown thus far is a comfort with getting the ball out of his hands quickly, and that’s just fine. Could he develop a long ball? Could he develop the ability to take more risks? Absolutely.

For now, I wonder if Nagy sees how much more effective his quarterback was after he changed it up a bit against the Seahawks. Remember, Alex Smith was never known as a guy who took deep shots until recently. Trubisky could very well be a similar type of quarterback — and the Bears can win with that.