Chicago Bears: Three ways to contain Russell Wilson

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Chicago Bears face Russell Wilson
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Keep Wilson off the field as long as possible

It seems simple, right? If the Bears can limit the time of possession for the Seahawks, they can have a much easier path to victory. However, this is not going to be an easy task to pull off. Wilson is creative in his decision-making and can scramble for a first down as well as throw for one. The Bears defense will have to get pressure on him early to throw him off rhythm.

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But this strategy isn’t exactly about the defense. For the Bears to successfully keep Wilson on the sidelines, they need to control the ball on offense and give their defense more time to rest than they did last week against the Packers. The offense looked to be in control in the first half last week in Green Bay, but they fell apart in the second half. That can’t happen this week.

The Denver Broncos faced the Seahawks last week in a game that the Broncos won 27-24. It was a hard fought battle, and both defenses made key plays at the right time to keep the score close. The Broncos were able to control the game by using two rookie running backs who combined for 142 yards rushing. The team also had 324 passing yards against the Seahawks.

If the Bears can use the thunder and lightning combo of running backs Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen in the same way the Broncos did, they can control the time of possession and limit the snaps Wilson takes. This will also give the defense more time to rest and gameplan on the sidelines.

Controlling the ball on offense will likely determine who wins this Monday night matchup. If the Seahawks keep the Bears defense on the field and they get fatigued like they did last week, it could be another disastrous outcome. If the Bears can grind down a weakened Seahawks defense, quarterback Mitch Trubisky and the rest of the offense should see more success.