Chicago Bears: 5 burning questions heading into Seahawks game

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Question no. 5: Will Trubisky take the shots?

If there was one thing John Fox instilled in Mitch Trubisky last season, it was to not turn the ball over — and guess what? I actually appreciate Fox for that, as I’m sure many Bears fans also do. But, a young, developing quarterback like Trubisky may build habits which limit him if he’s not too careful heeding that advice.

The best quarterbacks take chances. It’s a fact. The best quarterbacks have thrown interceptions. This is just common sense. For the Bears offense to open up more, Trubisky needs to take some shots — and it’s on Nagy to not only encourage this, but call the shots to get him there.

On Sunday night, you could tell Trubisky was a bit scared in the pocket under pressure and did not want to make mistakes. Part of me actually admired the fact that he seemed as though he was being almost too careful. He takes winning so seriously that any mistake made, he takes it hard. Therefore, he doesn’t want to make them.

But, as they say, if you don’t take the shots, you won’t make them either. Trubisky needs to trust not only himself but his teammates to make the plays when he gets the ball downfield. Open up the offense a bit more with play action (that’s on Nagy) and get Trubisky into a rhythm where he sees his receivers catching the football.

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If Trubisky can get one or two bigger pass plays under his belt on Monday night, the confidence will continue to grow and this offense will follow suit.