Chicago Bears: 5 burning questions heading into Seahawks game

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Question no. 3: Will Dion Sims, Michael Burton be featured as much?

My first bone to pick when it comes to this question is that fullback Michael Burton was out there during some crucial passing situations on Sunday night. This should not happen — period. To have Burton out there and even running a route is laughable.

I saw Burton come up with one textbook block on Sunday night and it came early in the game. I actually stood up, clapped my hands and gave him a compliment I was fully aware he would never hear. Outside of that play, though, there was absolutely no reason for him to be on the field.

Secondly, why on earth was Dion Sims featured Sunday night? There were to specific third downs where Sims ran a route short of the first down marker — and one of them was Sims running three quarters of a yard on a 3rd-and-1. This is inexcusable.

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If Sims isn’t aware of where he needs to be in order to move the chains, then not only should he not get the target, but he shouldn’t even be on the field. In these situations, you need to be targeting a guy like Trey Burton, Allen Robinson or someone else you trust more than simply a blocking tight end.

Burton and Sims are two players that constantly irk me when I watch this Bears team. The offense could be even more intriguing without them on the field, so will Nagy feature them less?