Chicago Bears: Winners and losers from loss to Packers

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Loser: Coaching staff

In my opinion, Vic Fangio and Nagy are awesome football minds. I truly believe they are going to be the dynamic duo that Sean McVay and Wade Phillips are for the Los Angeles Rams. However, both Fangio and Nagy were horrific against the Packers.

Both Fangio and Nagy called way too conservative game plans in the second half. If Rodgers is playing on one leg, Fangio needs to blitz on a lot of the plays because Rodgers doesn’t have the ability to move. However, Rodgers was able to pick the secondary apart with only four guys rushing.

Watch what Mack is doing on the 75-yard touchdown to Cobb. Mack is destroying Bulaga and then drops back to cover the screen that Leonard Floyd is already defending. That’s on Fangio. If Mack had continued his rush, there is no doubt that Mack would have either sacked Rodgers or affected the throw.

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As far as Nagy is concerned, I liked a lot of what I saw. There were many drives with eight-plus play drives. However, there were some errors, such as not running Howard enough in the second half (like on the third and one).

In Nagy’s press conference on Monday, Nagy admitted to some play-calling mistakes and said that’s on him. For the people that have already made their opinion of Nagy as a coach, please rethink your view on life. It’s his first game as an NFL head coach.

Don’t forget what Andy Reid told McNeil and Parkins on 670 the Score back in July,

"“He’s going to go undefeated this year. No, I’m joking. Listen, just be patient and I know good things will happen. We’re not in a 100-yard dash here. Give him time and you’re going to have a good football team for a long time. He’s tremendous. Listen, if it happens this year, it happens. But I guarantee you it will happen.”"

It actually wouldn’t surprise me at all if Reid reached out to Nagy or vice versa after the game to go through some of the in-game scenarios.

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Be patient, Bears fans. Rome was not built in a day. Let’s see how Nagy is able to galvanize the players for next week’s game against the Seahawks. If the offense runs smooth as butter in week two, we can all look back and laugh at the game against the Packers.