Chicago Bears: Winners and losers from loss to Packers

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Khalil Mack Chicago Bears
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Winner: Khalil Mack

What we saw last night out of Khalil Mack simply was not human. Adam Schefter reported that Mack would be limited and would likely only play 20-30 snaps. Well, he played 42 snaps and what we saw was truly extraordinary.

Mack was constantly beating right tackle Bryan Bulaga. Per ESPN researcher Jason McCallum, Mack had an interception, a return for a touchdown, a sack, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery. The last person to do it? That’d be Mack.

There is just maximum effort from him on every play. I saw Julius Peppers take plays off, but I did not see that at all last night and I certainly didn’t see it when he was an Oakland Raider.

It’s just so unique to see a player that didn’t play a preseason game or participate in training camp, play the way he did on a week’s worth of practice. A guy like him makes the entire defense better, too. Roy Robertson-Harris, Akiem Hicks and Roquan Smith all recorded sacks in the game, but it was the attention that Mack draws that helped those guys get the one-on-one opportunity.

Mack is a Bear and I couldn’t be happier. It’s going to be so much fun watching him terrorize quarterbacks for the next six years in navy and orange. When the Bears aren’t playing the greatest quarterback in the NFL, Mack could single-handedly win games for the Bears like he almost did against the Packers.