Chicago Bears: What we learned from loss to Packers

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The Chicago Bears began their season with a crushing loss to the Green Bay Packers. What did we learn from the game, overall?

Sunday night, Chicago Bears fans were read a story. It was a story they were all too familiar with. This story, sad but true, was the story of an Aaron Rodgers-led Green Bay Packers team coming back from a late deficit to snatch a victory away from the Bears in gut-wrenching fashion.

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The Bears were once up by a score of 20-0 in the second half. At one point, it appeared as though Rodgers was knocked out of the game with a brutal leg injury. His return was questionable coming out of the half, but he decided to give it a go — and boy, did he put on a show.

I know, Bears fans hate that kind of language, but it was exactly what happened. Had it not been for a Rodgers return, the Bears likely would have continued to stomp through Green Bay on their way to a convincing victory. But, that’s not the case. Rodgers did his thing and the Bears collapsed — just like we’ve seen too many times before.

Coming out of such a tough loss, though, there were both some positives and negatives. Real quick, I want to highlight just a few takeaways from this matchup. These are things that should be addressed immediately going into preparing for the Seattle Seahawks next Monday night. Once again, both positive and negative takeaways here that can be used to fuel this team going into Week 2.