Chicago Bulls: Zach LaVine’s NBA 2K19 rating is sadly accurate

Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Some ratings have come out for the new NBA 2K19 video game, and Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine might not be too pleased.

The brand-new version of NBA 2K is set to be released on September 11, and if you’re a big gamer, I’m sure you’re about ready for some action. If you’re a Chicago Bulls fan, though, I wouldn’t get too excited about playing with your squad unless you appreciate a nice challenge.

Recently, some of the ratings for the players in this year’s NBA 2K19 edition were released. Not all ratings have come out yet, however. But, most of the notable players have gotten a chance to see where they stand.

Here are the ratings which have been released to this point (via

Lauri Markkanen: 82

Jabari Parker: 81

Zach LaVine: 80

Kris Dunn: 78

Wendell Carter Jr.: 77

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If you were wishing for the newly-inked LaVine to have scored a higher rating than 80, I am sorry to say that it simply wasn’t a realistic expectation. Though he did sign a hefty 4-year, $78 million contract, LaVine wasn’t necessarily worth that kind of cash — maybe he proves it this year, however.

LaVine’s problems are abundant. He is a below-average shooter. He is an average three-point shooter. He is a poor defender who is even non-existent on that end of the floor at times. If you were hoping for higher than 80, I am unsure what type of player you have watched over the last few years.

Sure, LaVine is a two-time Slam Dunk Champion. He has the ability to jump out of the arena on any given night. But, athleticism doesn’t win basketball games. Athleticism may sell tickets and appeal to the kids, but it doesn’t offer much if it isn’t put to use.

LaVine could be a great defender if he put his athleticism to use. He could be a much better all-around player if he improved his jump shot.

But, a career 43.7 percent shooter who turns it over at least twice per game and can’t play a lick of defense? Come on, now. A rating of 80 is actually quite generous.

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The fact of the matter is, LaVine is exactly what his rating in a video game reveals: Average. He is an average player with tremendous upside, and hopefully he hits his ceiling in 2018-2019. Until he proves otherwise, though, NBA 2K got it right. For the sake of Bulls fans everywhere, like myself, let’s anticipate a much-improved LaVine in 2018.