Chicago Bears: 3 reasons Detroit Lions fans have no basis for chatter

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Winning is everything

I had a Lions fan tell me recently, in a roundabout way, that games played decades ago shouldn’t matter all that much.

He then asked me (sarcastically) if he should be allowed to bring up the Lions’ four titles in the pre-Super Bowl era to prove points of his.

My answer? Absolutely!

Let me get this straight. Professional football players, who played for your favorite franchise, won a league championship at one point, yet for some reason they don’t deserve to be talked about?

I can assure you, if any of those players heard that type of attitude, they would be pretty upset.

A win is a win is a win — period. Whether it happened last year, a decade ago or 50 years ago, a championship is still a championship. So, Lions fans: Please be proud of those four titles. You deserve to be.

If you get so bent out of shape about never winning a Super Bowl, yet fail to realize the great history of your franchise and its four championships, that is a shame. The sad reality is, I run into more Lions fans like this than not. It is too bad, because many of them like to focus on attacking with no basis behind arguments, and don’t even put some pride behind their team’s rich history.

Now, with that said, I will take your four league titles and raise you five more for a total of nine — the number of championships the Bears have, all in all.

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Sorry, I had to do it.