Chicago Bears: 10 bold predictions following Khalil Mack trade

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Bears beat the Packers in Week 1

Of all predictions, this might be the one that gets laughed at the most — by Green Bay Packers fans, of course. Hey, all of these predictions might be laughed at by Packer fans, let’s be honest. They’re all stuck in the polarizing gaze of one Aaron Rodgers and can’t fathom anything positive coming out of Chicago because of it.

The Packers should have a very, very good offense in 2018. Going up against what should be a very, very good defense in the Bears, the Packers will open the season with a tough matchup. Let’s give Rodgers mostly what he deserves, here, though.

Let’s say Rodgers puts up a line such as: 24-for-35, 285 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. The Packers score 20-to-24 points — maybe.

The Bears, meanwhile, are going to be a sneaky-good offense. The Packers have no idea how to prepare for them. There is no tape of these guys on the field together — only tape from the Kansas City Chiefs to show some of Nagy’s concepts.

The Packers defense isn’t awful, but by no means is it a top-10 unit. I’m giving the Bears between 21-and-28 points on Sunday night — once again, Packer fans are beginning to chuckle, and that’s okay.

This Bears defense will do the job. Mack’s presence is going to be felt. The offense will score enough points, don’t you worry.

The Bears will beat the Packers in Week 1.