Chicago Bears: 10 bold predictions following Khalil Mack trade

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Bears send five defensive players to Pro Bowl

The Bears actually have more than five players I could envision getting to the Pro Bowl: Mack, Hicks, Floyd, Amos, Fuller, Jackson, Smith, Trevathan and Goldman. Obviously, nine of 11 starters aren’t getting there. But, if any combination of five of those guys were selected at the end of the year, I would not be shocked.

Let’s think about the most obvious choices to make this not seem so outlandish of a prediction. First and foremost, yes, Mack is going to be there. Barring any injury, Mack will be a Pro Bowler in 2018. That’s the easiest one to predict of them all.

Second, I believe wholeheartedly in Hicks being an All-Pro type of talent. He simply hasn’t gotten the recognition he deserves. Hicks will make the Pro Bowl in 2018. Book it — and there’s two.

With so many projections around Smith winning 2018 Defensive Rookie of the Year, how does that type of talent not make it to the Pro Bowl? If he has the type of season most are predicting, he makes it. There’s three.

So, two more spots need to be filled between Floyd, Amos, Fuller, Jackson, Trevathan and Goldman. The odds of two of those going to the Pro Bowl, if all goes according to how we see it going, are pretty good. By Pro Football Focus’ account, Amos should have been there last season. Realistically, that’s four.

The Bears are sending five defenders to the Pro Bowl in 2018. Mark it down.