Chicago Bears fleeced Oakland Raiders for Khalil Mack and you know it

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Green Bay Packers Khalil Mack
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You don’t like it? Of course you don’t.

Look, I’m going to be real, here.

If you are criticizing the trade or the extension, you’re probably either a Raiders or Packers fan. Heck, you might even be a Minnesota Vikings fan.

Either way, you are not a Bears fan if you’re criticizing what the Bears were able to pull off in landing and extending Mack. If you are a Bears fans, and you still don’t think this was a fleece, I feel sorry for you. Please, try and read through the previous slide very slowly, very carefully and then think long and hard why you would disagree.

You can’t. It’s that simple. You cannot possibly disagree with the trade being an absolute steal for the Bears.

Now, if you’re upset about the extension for Mack, that’s okay. Your criticism of the record extension is probably once again coming from the fact that your team (eh em, the Packers) did not land Mack.

If I had a dollar for every Packer fan’s Twitter account I saw talk about how excited they would be if they landed Mack over the past month, I’d be able to take a month-long vacation immediately.

It’s most of those same fans who are now criticizing the Bears for doing what they did on Saturday.

Sound about right? Of course it does.

It’s a classic case of fourth grade jealousy. You’ve been talking for months about the new bicycle you want for Christmas, but when the morning came, your parents didn’t come through. You then found out that one of the mean kids at school received that same bike for Christmas, and then you try to begin thinking of all the reasons why that bike is now stupid.

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Am I hitting any nerves here? I should be.

I rest my case.